Franchise Resources

Search Capabilities of the Franchise Resources CRM

100'S of BRAND PARTNERS are included in the database

There are a great many advantages to the Franchise Resources CRM over other CRM's available to Franchise Brokers.  

  • The CRM is designed for Franchise Brokers by a Franchise Broker.
  • The CRM is cloud-based.
  • The CRM contains hundred of franchisors and their related contacts.
  • A Robust Search Engine with 3 search features.
    • Global Search
    • Filtered
    • Boolean Search

The global search field is a keyword search where you can quickly search for the name of a person, a franchise company or a keyword search.  The global search searches all of the fields in the entire system for a match. 

I was looking for a franchise that did I knew we had, but I wasn't locating it.  It did Power washing.  I did the Global Search and found A1 Pressure Washing

Example of a Global Search

Each module can be searched using the Filtered Searches located on the left sidebar of each module.  In this case, I wanted to do a quick search on industry, Industry-Sub (category), investment cost of less than $200,000, offers a VetFran discount, and is listed in the SBA Franchise Directory.  The result was three franchises.

Example of a Filtered Search

The Boolean Search can look a little intimidating, but it is very logical and easy to use.  In this search, I was looking for any franchises that met the basic criteria in three sub-industry categories.    The results are below.

Example of a Boolean Search

In real time, it probably took me 2 minutes to develop the search.  When I clicked submit, the results appeared instantly.  The same results could have taken me hours to do with normal systems.  The resulting grid lets me compare the search results quickly, and I can click on the name of any franchise to view the details.

Using these search functions can save the average broker hundreds of hours of tedious work per year.  

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