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The Franchise Resources CRM utilizes "Cloud Computing", the modern way to run software.  Cloud computing is a method of software delivery that allows data to be accessed from any device with an Internet connection and web browser. In the Franchise Resources web-based model, the software is hosted and maintained on remote servers and the application is accessed with most computers, tablets, smartphones connected to the Internet. 

The Franchise Resources CRM is a membership licensing and delivery model in which the software is licensed on a monthly subscription basis.  There is no software to buy.

What is Franchise Resources all About?

It’s about helping Franchise Brokers become more efficient, more responsive and able to refer appropriate franchise opportunities to their clients.  Thereby, becoming more successful themselves.

The Franchise Broker industry is a great community.  A Franchise Broker helps people take part in the American Dream – owning their own business (a franchise).   Not only will a Franchise Broker help their clients own their own business, but they will help them find franchises that are the perfect fit.  Franchises they never would have found on their own.  Franchises they may have overlooked, because they couldn’t see the fit. 

How does Franchise Resources CRM help the Franchise Broker find their clients the perfect franchise?

The Franchise Resources CRM helps the Franchise Broker by guiding them through the "information gathering process".  This process provided the information necessary to match the client to franchise opportunities.  “Information is Power”

How does the Franchise Broker use the information gathered to match it to the franchise opportunities available?

The criteria from the information gathering process is entered into the franchise companies search engine.  The result is a list of franchises that match the criteria.

Is the Franchises Resources CRM easy to use?

The Franchise Resources CRM is designed to work the way a Franchise Broker works.  Franchise Resources maintains the database of the Franchisors, Vendors and their related contacts.  The Franchise Broker is only responsible for entering and maintaining their Leads, Prospects and the related Referrals.  Most of the above is like filling out a form.  Training will be provided to the Franchise Brokers, as well as, training videos and help files.

The most important use of the Franchise Resources CRM is the search engine.  Although easy to use, it may be a new concept to most Franchise Brokers.  Therefore, overview training will be provided to make it easy for all users.

Will the Franchises Resources CRM run on any computer?

Yes, the state-of-the-art system resides in the cloud, and it can be run on any computer via your browser, ie, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox.  These browsers should be kept up-to-date.  Therefore, if a Franchise Broker is using an older version, they should update it.

Can I access my Franchise Resources CRM on my mobile devices?

Yes, there are mobile apps available on Android and Apple.

Will there be training?

There will live training to get started and training videos for individual functions.  Help manuals and recorded webinars are online.  

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