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The Leads module has automated components that result in Leads being processed more efficiently and quicker.  Processes used in the Lead module should increase you contact rate and create more Prospect conversions.

Leads can be added to your Leads module using:

  • A Lead filling out an Information Request form on your website.
  • Integrating your portal leads provider API, and your leads are added directly to the Franchise Resources CRM.
  • Using the Email Parser component to map your leads coming from emails directly into the Franchise Resources CRM.
  • Collect business cards, such as at a tradeshow, and scan the lead directly into the Franchise Resources CRM.
  • and of course, manual entry.

Whichever method or combination of methods used to capture your lead, then an automated workflow is triggered.  When the lead is entered into the Leads module, the immediately a personalized text is sent to the new lead.

The content of the text is determined by each franchise Broker.  A call-to-action can be included directing the Lead to your scheduler and setting up a 15-minute introduction call.

When a Lead enters completes the 15 minutes introduction call request on your scheduler, the information is entered directly into your Franchise Resources CRM calendar.  It is also recorded on the Leads detail information page.

The Franchise Broker will be notified when a call is to be made to the Lead.  After the call, and if the Lead was not reached, the Franchise Broker receives a pop-up and can enter the result of the all and can schedule the next call.

The Franchise Broker selects the “1st Call Attempt” from the dropdown in the Lead Status field.  This change in status triggers an immediate email to be sent to the Lead. Thus, tying the email directly with the phone call.  Since, the email is immediately after leaving a voicemail, let the email tell the story and keep the voicemail brief and to the point.

The process can be easily modified by the Franchise Broker, but the current setup is 3 calls are made it this manner.  Each call has a different message in the email.

If the contact with the lead is not made, then on the 10th day after creation of the lead there is a workflow that will send out scheduled emails for the next 120 days.  Best practices would suggest that scheduling a few calls during this period. 

It is suggested that the Franchise Broker continue to make contact with the Lead as long as the lead’s email address is valid, and the lead does not opt-out receiving emails.

The easiest way to continue contact is by sending monthly newsletters. 

Emails, marketing campaigns, and email blasts can easily be sent directly from the Franchise Resources CRM and does not require using or paying for 3rd party apps like Constant Contact and/or MailChimp.

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The Prospect module contains fields designed to capture information that will provide the Franchise Broker, and the Prospect, a full understanding of the Prospect's needs and desires.


Some Franchise Brokers prefer to speak with Prospect directly and record the information as the conversation progresses.  If this is your preferred method, then use the layout as a guide and enter the information directly into the layout.


For those Brokers that prefer the Prospect complete a Client Profile (Request for Information, Application, etc.) then one is available to send directly to your Prospect.  Or, the Broker can embed the Client Profile form into a page on their website.  Either way, when the Prospect completes the form, then the information entered will immediately populate the fields in your Prospect's record in the Franchise Resources CRM. 


A copy of the completed form will also be included as an attachment to your Prospect's detail record.  This form can be attached to an email to the Franchise Development Manager for a referral.


The first reason behind the concept of the comprehensive Prospect form is to help the Broker determine whether they have a viable Prospect.

1.  Does the Prospect have a valid need or burning desire that validates them considering buying a franchise as a solution?


Remember, without a need or a burning desire, there are no solutions.


2.  Is the Prospect financially qualified to buy a franchise?

3.  Is the Prospect determined to move forward within a reasonable timeframe.


Many times, if not most times, the Lead that you are talking with is reacting on emotion. 

The great information collected will make the "matching" process easier, and the likelihood that the Franchise Broker selects the appropriate brands to present to the Prospect.


Brand Partners

Brand Partners is an all-inclusive term that includes franchise companies, business opportunities, licenses, dealers, distributorships, Vending and others.

The Brand Partners module contains a detailed profile of the brand.  The profile data is entered and maintained by each brand partner, therefore the information should always be up-to-date.  Every field of information is searchable using the robust search engine in the Franchise Resources CRM.

Unlike other systems, the brand partner can also enter all relevant contacts into the system and connect directly with the Brand profile.

Each Brand can also enter into the CRM all Resales and Hot Markets profiles.  The Resales and Hot Markets contain searchable information so the Broker can easily make appropriate matches.

The Brand Partners module includes Parent Company and Sister Company information.  This is important information that can be used by the Broker when matching brand partners to their Prospect.


The Vendor Module includes information on vendors, such as franchise and immigration attorneys, funding companies, franchise developers, franchise sales, and many others.  These vendors are searchable so the Broker can match their prospects to appropriate companies.


The Contacts module contains contact information for the people associated both Brand Partners and Vendors.  Detailed profile information can be entered by the Brand Partner, Vendor or both.  The Contacts module information is also searchable by any field.


 A Broker can enter the Prospects criteria and instantly find all brand partners that matches the criteria.  The matching brands will initially be presented in a list designed by the broker containing relevant information not included in the initial search.  

A good example of the matching process would be to search on several key criteria, but when you review the list you would also like to see if the brands had an Item 19, were SBA approved and/or provide a VetFran discount.  This information would help the Broker narrow the list quickly.

The Broker can also click on the Brand Name contained in the list and bring up the complete brand profile.


The Brands that the Broker is going to show the Prospect can be entered quickly into the Referral module.  While in the Referral module, the Broker is supplied with a pipeline to track the referral of each brand.  By clicking on the territory check icon, a territory check email is immediately sent to the appropriate contact within the chosen brand.  

After the decision is made to present the brand partners, then a click on the pre-registration icon will send the a pre-registration email to the appropriate brand partner contact.

All email and responses are captured in the Franchise Resources CRM  

Also, as the Prospect moves forward in each brand, the stages are recorded.These changes can be easily viewed in the Referral, Brand Partners, Prospects and Contacts modules.  

The information is captured for analytics, such as won/lost referrals, the stage lost, the time in each stage, and the time from lead creation to final result.  The information that each Broker chooses to see can be presented in report form and/or graphically on a series of dashboards  These dashboards can be customized by the Broker


The Brand Partners module has an associate module containing resales of existing franchise units.  Resales has been problematic for the Brokers due to not being able to conduct a good search for the resales.

There are three main problems where the Resales module will help the Broker, the Brand Partner, and obviously the seller of the franchise.

1. The Brand Partner will send out a list of resales.  Unless the Broker has an active Prospect, in an area where the Prospect is located at the time when he/she views the list, then the list will most likely be forgotten.  There are a lot of Brand Partners with a lot of lists.

2. At a later time, when the Broker gets a Prospect, it is highly unlikely the Broker will cull through the lists to see if they can find a resale of interest.

3. Most of the Brand Partners do not provide enough information on a resale to interest a Broker to show it.  

The Franchise Resources CRM provides the format for the Brand Partner to provide relevant information that will interest a Broker in presenting a resale to their Prospects.

The Franchise Resources CRM's Resales module is easily and quickly searchable to see if their are resale opportunities in the location of their Prospect.

Hot Markets

A Hot Market is defined as market areas where the Brand Partner is actively trying to find franchisees.  In order to entice the Brokers to help in these area, the Brand Partner is offering additional bonuses to the Brokers.  

Like the Resales module, the Hot Markets module is easily and quickly searchable by the Brokers to determine if there are any Hot Markets available in the locations of his/her active Prospects

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