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Other Features

Franchise Resources CRM contains a wide variety of features 

that greatly enhances the efficiency and productivity of the Franchise Broker


The dashboard module provides an at-a-glance view of key components that are relevant to the Franchise Broker. 

There are multiple modules in the CRM.  In each module the Broker can create multiple views.  These views can then be displayed as a window on the dashboard.


workflow consists of a series of activities that are organized into a sequence of operations to present an organized outcome.  The workflows can be triggered based on a field update or creation.

Sales Signals

The SalesSignals feature in Franchise Resources CRM provides real-time notifications from your leads, contacts, or potential customers. You can keep track of all the customer interactions across various channels and follow-up with them from one central place, your Franchise Resources CRM. account. SalesSignals improve timely communication and enables you to follow-up with your leads and contacts and close deals quickly.


A dashboard where the Franchise Broker can transform their data into graphical representations for a wide variety of variables in their data.  Providing a visual illustration of key elements of your data at a glance.  


Franchise Resources CRM provides a set of standard reports.  In, addition, the Franchise Broker has the option to create custom reports specific to their requirements.

Text Messaging

Franchise Resources CRM can be integrated with various 3rd providers for text messaging.  Depending on the provider, the texts can be sent directly from the CRM either manually or based on a workflow.  For example, if a lead is added to the CRM, a workflow can immediately respond to the lead with a personalized text. The sent texts and received texts are recorded in the records of the lead, prospect or contact.


Email is configurable to suit the needs of the individual Franchise Broker.  Implement Zoho Mail and view it as a module tab in your system.  Zoho Mail is a powerful email client similar to the look and feel of Outlook.

If preferred, the Franchise Broker can integrate their Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook directly with the CRM


Activities, such as calls, tasks and events are created and recorded within a lead, prospect or contacts record.  These activities are also consolidated in the Activities module 

Mobile Apps

Franchise Resources CRM Mobile app gives you the option to access and work with your online Franchise Resources CRM data from your mobile devices. The Franchise Resources CRM native app is available for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones. The Franchise Broker can access data from CRM modules such as Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Referrals, Email and Activities, etc. wherever you go. Also, you can work in the offline mode to add, modify, or delete records which will be saved locally and synchronized with your Online Account, when you connect to the network.

Mktg. Campaigns

A marketing strategy can be developed using workflows to integrate emails, calls and text messaging.  

In addition, email blasts can be utilized by segregating your leads, Prospects and Contacts to reach appropriately send the right message.  

Much more efficient than using 3rd party apps like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.


Several telephone providers have been integrated with the Franchise Resources CRM via an APi.  This allows for phone calls to made using a mouse click on a telephone number.

Details of the calls are recorded in related detail records of a lead, prospect or contact.

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