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    The Franchise Resources software solution is more than a CRM; it is a cloud-based application that is a complete work environment for Franchise Brokers.

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    for Franchise Brokers

The Franchise Resources CRM is designed specifically for Franchise Brokers
​by a Franchise Broker 

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Why is the Franchise Resources CRM better than other CRMs?

The Franchise Resources CRM is based on an award winning CRM platform (see below), and is designed to work the way a Franchise Broker works.  Not only is the original design of the CRM designed to include processes that are unique to the Franchise Broker community, but the Franchise Resources CRM is integrated with additional applications that greatly enhance the work environment of Franchise Brokers.

Maybe, you've tried to work with CRM platforms, but they weren't a good fit you.

Ever ask yourself WHY?  CRM's are designed for salespeople to sell products and services to buyers.  A one-on-one relationship.

But, Franchise Brokers aren't selling products and services, we are referring a prospect to one or more Brand Partners.  Introducing this third entity into the mix is difficult, if not impossible, to do in other CRM's.  Introducing the prospect creates a one-to-many relationship.  

The heart of the Franchise Resources CRM is the inclusion of hundreds of Brands in the system.  Franchise Resources maintains the Brands database; leaving the Franchise Broker free to do his/her job.

Franchise Resources CRM includes a robust search engine.  The Broker can use the search procedures to search the database using the criteria of their Prospect and instantaneously find a list of appropriate Brands that match. Review a brand's detail information by clicking on the Brand name.

The main benefit of the Franchise Resources CRM is the increase in Productivity, Efficiency and Referrals.  Leads will no longer fall through the cracks.  Franchise Resources CRM tracks your Leads, Prospects and Referrals throughout the system.  Using analytics contained in the Franchise Resources CRM, the Franchise Broker can see the problem areas in their process steps.  Knowing the problem areas, the Franchise Broker can take the steps necessary to correct the issues.

The Franchise Resources CRM will pay for itself with time-savings to track leads, prospects and contacts, record information about Brand Partners, formalize the matching process, and track each prospect referral to the respective Brand Partners.

Knowing where to improve your process and then following through with appropriate changes will yield you a greater increase in successful Referrals.  Possibly, a greater increase than buying or generating additional leads to increase your sales.  Using the Franchise Resources CRM is extremely cost effective.


Franchise Resources conducted an extensive review of multiple CRM platforms (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Zoho and others).  Zoho CRM was selected as the platform of choice.   

There were many reasons why Zoho CRM was chosen, but a few stood out.

  • A major company, founded in 1996, with over 8,000 employees.
  • Focuses on cloud-based applications.
  • Flexible.  Most CRMs had restrictions that created problems designing a CRM for Franchise Brokers.
  • Over 40 available Zoho apps.  Most CRMs required integration with 3rd party apps.
  • Award winning

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